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November 2018

James Gajewski, MD, MACP

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):51-55. doi:10.25270/JCP.2018.11.00046. Received September 21, 2018; Accepted October 30, 2018.


Research Report
Elizabeth F Franklin, MSW, LGSW, ACSW; Helen M Nichols, PhD, MSW; Ellyn Charap, MS; Joanne S Buzaglo, PhD; Shauna McManus, BS; Linda House, MSM, BSN, RN

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):46-50. doi:10.25270/JCP.2018.11.00045
Received August 1, 2018; Accepted September 13, 2018.


CME Corner
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACP

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):44-45. doi:10.25270/JCP.2018.11.00042

Nicolas Ferreyros, Director of Communications, Community Oncology Alliance

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):43.

Clinical Pathways GPS
Richard G Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD—Column Editor

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):41-42. doi:10.25270/JCP.2018.11.00047

Business of Pathways
Robert A Bailey, MD; Ira Klein, MD, MBA, FACP—Column Editor; Silas Martin

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):37-40. doi:10.25270/JCP.2018.11.00044

Pharma Insights
Stephanie Kennedy, PhD; Tricia Garland; Todd Edgar, PharmD, MS, SVP; Larry Blanford, PharmD—Column Editor

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):32-36. doi:10.25270/JCP.2018.11.00043


Conference Coverage
JCP Editors

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):26-27.

Conference Coverage
JCP Editors

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):22-24.

Editor's Page
Winston Wong, PharmD, Editor-in-Chief

J Clin Pathways. 2018;4(9):19.

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